Whistle Blowing Reporting e-Form

Whistle Blowing Reporting e-Form

    Complainant Details

    Note: We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of whistleblowers. We will not disclose your identity as a whistleblower unless legally obligated to do so, e.g. compelled by authorities/regulators.

    Name of Complainant:
    Contact Number:

    Complaint Details

    Whistleblowers are encouraged to provide adequate information to enhance the efficiency of investigations. Inadequate information provided and/or inability to communicate with whistleblowers for additional leads may cause challenges during the course of investigations. Therefore, please write down as details as possible, and upload evidence(s) if you have them.

    Allegation Details*: Suggested details, if available:

    Nature of the wrongful activities:
    What happened?
    How did it happen?
    Who else is implicated?
    When did it happen?
    Location of Incident:

    Other details or information, if and where applicable:

    which may assist the investigation. Suggested information, if available:

    • Any invoice no. / document no.
    • Customer / vendor / business partner’s name / company name
    • Date of incident or contract
    • Any other witnesses / employees who knows / aware of the reported incident
    Please upload your evidence, if available.