GTA considers quality and safety as a company core values for all its operations and continuously improve the quality and safety management system. GTA is committed to:

  • Apply human factors principles in all activities that includes human interface.
  • Encourage personnel to report maintenance related errors/incidents to meet Part-145 requirements through a non-punitive reporting policy. Ensure all personnel comply with regulations, customer requirements, procedures, quality and safety standards.
  • Ensure all personnel cooperate with the quality auditors.
  • Ensure adequate availability and good use of resources and pay particular attention to carry out correct maintenance at the first attempt.
  • Ensure safety is a prime consideration at all times for all GTA staff.
  • Ensure that safety standards are not reduced by commercial imperatives.
  • Maintain an active integrated safety management system that will continuously examine our operation for hazards and find ways to minimize them.
  • Train all organisation staff to be aware of human factors and set a continuous training programme in this field.


In GTA, we have a zero-tolerance policy with respect to bribery, corruption, fraud and similar misconduct and illegal behavior. In line with this policy, all our employees, officers and directors and where appropriate other stakeholders, are required to take particular care to uphold applicable laws and stay committed to the below principles:

  • We do not tolerate any form of corrupt practices or any other fraudulent actions.
  • We do not offer, solicit, make, or give a bribe or kickback.
  • We do not make or allow facilitation payments to government officials by anyone who works for GTA or anyone providing services for GTA or acting on GTA’s behalf.
  • We do not give or accept inappropriate donations, gifts, hospitality or entertainment.
  • We do not engage or participate in money laundering activities.
  • We ensure that accurate books and records are maintained, and our shareholders receive timely and accurate information.
  • We take particular care to implement international corporate governance standards and principles.
  • We do not damage GTA reputation or compromise the integrity of its assets or its information systems, and respect internal rules of information protection.
  • We avoid business, financial or other interests or relationships which conflict with the interests of GTA, of which divides our loyalty to GTA.